Statistics - H2 A Level Math

This is the complete A Level Statistics Math Course that will teach you how to approach your Statistics Section of A Level H2 Math easily.

Let's face this. The Statistics Section in H2 A Level Math is easy to score. You probably can score close to full marks here --- if you know the secrets.

If you look at the statistics questions, you will notice how similar they look (minus the different stories or scenarios given). In this course, we aim to help you demystify the secrets behind how to tackle and score in the Statistics section of H2 A Level Math.

Here's the topics we'll cover

  • Permutation and Combination
  • Probability
  • Discrete Random Variable
  • Binomial Distribution
  • Normal Distribution
  • Sampling
  • Hypothesis Testing
  • Regression and Linear Correlation

These are what you'll learn from our on- demand VIDEO LECTURES:

  • Common questions tested
  • how to approach the questions
  • Keywords to look out for and the technique to apply with each keywords
  • Answer templates that you can "cut-and-paste" for your exams
  • Many sample questions with worked solutions to apply what you have learnt

We save your revision time by providing concise notes.

No more spending time on making notes, summaries, and whatsoever.

No extras, just what you need.

Our focus is the H2 A Level Math exams.

You'll get just what you need. We do understand that statistics is important to real life, but this is an exam preparation course. Let's focus on this ONE - STATISTICS FOR H2 A Level.

This course is ideal for students who:

A willingness to learn.

Determined to do well for H2 A Level Statistics

Like a systematic way to approach H2 A Level Statistics with answer templates, and step-by-step guide on how to present your answers and MORE

This course is NOT for students who:

Hope for immediate results without putting in effort.

Our goal is to help our students ace their H2 A Level exams. Is this your goal?

If so, get this course NOW, and get one- year of unlimited access.

With internet connection, and a laptop, you can start learning by watching our course videos that will guide you through each concept, and how to apply these concepts to your exams.

The best time to revise for your A level exam was yesterday. The next best time is - NOW.

Grab this course now.

See you inside the course.

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The Complete Statistics Course for H2 A Level Students

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Statistics - H2 A Level Math